Storage In Motion found a need for alternative ways for people to keep their goods and perishables cold and frozen. Not everyone wanted to drive the large rented trucks with large refrigerators on the front through city streets. This would be stressful since the refrigerator unit needed diesel fuel at least once per day to avoid loosing cooling and then additional daily refueling fees added up as well.

Storage In Motion supplies coolers or freezers for all commercial needs.  In emergency situations, such as fires or floods, families needed to store their belongings as the house is repaired.

So, Storage In Motion has introduced the concept of SIMplicity to eliminate those cooling headaches.

Storage In Motion will work with you to develop flexible and competitive terms for your short and long term needs. With only access to a telephone, you have ready access to high quality services and equipment. Our company is ready to assist you in any way with the great ideas we have for the common household moving and storage needs. Our understanding of your operations and our commitment to excellence enable us to provide the high level of service you expect.

Storage In Motion is a privately held company with a concentration in the pick up and delivery and renting of high quality mobile walk in coolers and walk in freezers. We are growing to be one of the major cooler or freezer rental options in the U.S.